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Scholarship / Victim INFO

This is just some info I wanted to make available for everyone.  If anyone finds a scholarship PLEASE let me add it, this is a network of assistance and this is just how I paid for school and plan for my own.

1st step is to choose your school. You need to get done with admissions or at least be in the process.  For most scholarships, it needs to be non-private and on the list for FAFSA.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but find them out first.

Start at and fill it out.  It becomes available on January 1, annually and is on a need/first come basis.  Your school will require you fill this out even if you don't qualify for the Pell Grant.  It opens up many other scholarship venues outside of law enforcement line of duty deaths.

After you finish FAFSA, contact the Financial Aid office at your school.  You have to stay on them constantly, especially if it is close to school start dates.  Plan well in advance and check submission dates for all scholarships you apply for...they vary for each one. 

The FA department can give you direction for other scholarships too. 

National COPS has scholarships as well, and they have strict dates to adhere to.  Also, if your state provides tuition assistance, which it does, for Spring and Fall semesters, you won't be eligible for the COPS one.  You could be eligible for the Summer semester.

The New Mexico Higher Education (800.279.9777) provides a tuition waiver. (for spouses and children) 

This is not cash, but it waves the costs of tuition only (not books, fees, etc) If you qualify for other scholarships, it does show up as a credit, so in some form it can become cash for other expenses. You need to contact the school's FA department for this one.  They usually don't know about it, but give them the info on the benefits page you get from the COPS site. This waiver lasts for a four year calendar year from start to finish for spouses.  Children of officers receive it if they are 21 or younger at the time of their death.  It does not list a "max" age, so I am not positive about it.   Call or email if you need help...don't wait.

There are scholarships and grants if you keep your GPA high.  They are specific to departments with in the school and to each school itself.

Department of Justice.  (for spouses and children)

     This is a tough one...First off, if you receive ANY government scholarship or assistance, whether state of federal, it reduces what DOJ pays out.  If you qualify for other scholarships, but don't apply for them (like COPS, IAPC, or Pell) they still reduce it.  This scholarship is available for a total of 4 years...accumulative, not calendar.  I was advised to use it for grad or masters programs so it would be maximized.  Here is their link  Eligibility for spouses is not limited except for the duration.  Children of fallen officers can receive this benefit till age 27.  If you went to school, but did not receive this please contact us...we MAY be able to get some form of reimbursement for you.

Other options:

International Association of  Police Chiefs (for spouses and children)

Submission date: May 7

IACP Foundation, Inc.
515 North Washington, Alexandria, VA 22314
703-836-6767, Ext. 367 - 800-THEIACP (843-42270

Attn: Petey Casstevens

Fraternal Order of Police:

     State, local lodges and auxiliary provide a variety of scholarships so you need to check it out.  The NM FOP does not maintain a website to my knowledge, but the Albuquerque Lodge #1 contact is Bob Martinez or Sharon Valtiera

Vantage Scholarship :

Submission from Dec. 15 - March 15

The Fund is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity founded by the ICMA-RC in 2001. Financial support for the scholarship is provided by ICMA-RC, individual sponsors, foundations, and organizations. Applications for 2011/12 scholarships will be accepted from Dec. 15 - March 15, 2011. Information can be found at

UNM Scholarships for incoming Freshman...also see other state institutions for their scholarships available.  There is the Bridge to Success scholarship as well as the Lottery scholarship.

Wives behind the badge

The National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children's Fund Scholarship

Scholarships To Recognize Intelligence Vision And Excellence
(STRIVE)  Children only)


  Board Members

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